Overview Company

UPE ROMANIA Făgăraș, was registered in 1999 as a full owned American company, with the purpose of reconditioning and re-glassing worldwide industrial equipment.Presently we are an affiliated company to International Process Plants U.S.A.
By taking and up-grading the former industrial glassing shop of UPRUC Fagaras, UPE Romania gained skilled and experienced personnel in welding, designing and glassing of pressure vessels.

The main goal of the UPE Romania is to offer quality products, reglassing and reconditioning services with an advantageous price.

UPE Romania understood that the re-glassed equipment is frequently used as quick and low costs replacement of the operating equipment.

All reglassing is done following a similar technology to that required to obtain a new product. Basically, the metal support reconstruction is made in accordance with the requirements necessary for pressure vessel construction code and application of the new enamel corrosion protection, leading finally to a product with identical user performance as a new one.

Until now, at UPE Romania hundreds of vessels, up to 8000 l capacity, or tanks up to 1000 l capacity, were re-glassed with a good quality and high chemical resistance enamel, free of plugs.

Many accessories for the industrial equipment were re-glassed (agitators, baffles, covers, filter plates, pipes, etc.)
Beside the glassing process, UPE Romania also offers agitating-driving systems mounted on the vessels, in a wide range of dimensions and specifications.
Reconditioning includes the glassing of the accessories, when required, mechanical sealing, and packing replacement, mounting and operating final testing.

UPE Romania together with International Process Plants helps companiew world wide to save time, capital and human resources by buying production equipment at competitive prices.