UPE Romania understood that the re-glassed equipment is frequently used for quick and low costs replacement of the defective operating equipment. To assist our customers, we implemented the requirement to have for each re-glassed vessel the drawing in computerized form enabling accurate information on the actual configuration of the product that will be delivered.

Design Engineering Department issues the repair technology for the item approved as a candidate for re-glassing .

Design and strength calculation is made in accordance with the construction Code requirements most applicable to the product. (ASME Sect.VIII, Div.1, AD-Merkblatt, EN 13445; CODAP; ISCIR PT C-4.)

In general repair and reconstruction involves defects removing by grinding, weld buildup of wasted areas, weld repairs or replacement of pressure parts or attachments that have failed in a weld or in the base material; replacement of nozzles or installation of new nozzles, shells, heads, flanges, closure rings or other pressure vessel’s parts .

All welds are performed by authorized welders using a welding technology qualified in accordance with applicable construction standards.

Reglassed or other type accessories, non-pressure parts (side lug or leg supports) can be designed, manufactured and delivered separately in accordance with order requirements.