UPE - Romania offers the reconditioning and refurbishing of various types of equipment including that with higher capacity that does not involve re-glassing.
Enameling capacity is limited to 8000l for vessels and to 10000l for tanks but, the accessories may be re-glassed as a part of the reconditioning services offered for glass lined reactors.

There is an important requirement for re-conditioning various types of glass lined reactors, stainless steel reactors or other types of equipment.

UPE-Romania as a part of reconditioning process offers drive systems disassembling, verification and mechanical seal refurbishing, re-glassing of component parts (agitator, baffle, adapter plates, protection rings, covers etc.) gaskets replacement, re-install the agitator, baffle and drive system on vessel, leak testing and system function verification, packaging and preparation for delivery.

The re-conditioning process may also include technical evaluation and re-calculation of the pressure vessel when it does not have the manufacturer's data report, nameplate attached or when it is a special requirement from the client.
The pressure vessel can be re-calculated in accordance with the construction Code most applicable to the item or required by the client in order to verify and establish the new service parameters for the pressure retaining item.
UPE Romania also provides the drawing which represents the vessel in the actual delivery conditions.