Reglassing is the process by which older used or damaged glass-lined steel equipment is repaired and reglassed to obtain like-new vessel with a corrosion resistant enamel substrate.

Many types of glass-lined reactors, tanks, columns, and accessories such as covers, agitators and baffles, can be reglassed obtaining equipment with the same industrial performance as a new one.

All reglassing done by UPE Romania, respectively the support metal repairs by welding or pressure parts replacement are performed in accordance with the applicable code construction to the items, ASME & NBIC Code or EN applicable to pressure vessels.
Re-emailare Reactor received for re-glassing

Advantages of Re-glassing glass lined equipment

  • Immediate delivery and significant lower prices
  • One year warranty
  • Plugs free
  • Design in accordance with the process requirements
  • Compliance with the construction code
  • Reglassed equipment available on stock

Technological stages

The stages that precede the glass lining as well as a strict control of firings are very important factors in achieving a high quality product.

Repair process consists of welding build ups, replacing or adding nozzles, shells, flanges, closure rings, heads or flush patches installed to eliminate the defects.

Removing the outer jacket
  • Disassembling the components, internal and external blasting of the reactor body, preparing for evaluation.
US testing of the metal support
  • US metal wall thickness checking.
  • The Design calculation verification is performed through a calculation program that suits the specific construction code.
  • The repair technology is established by engineering department.
Welding using the SMAW process.

  • All welding construction are performed by qualified welders.
The frit spraying on vessel

  • The vessel is sprayed, dried and prepared for firing into the furnace.

  • The enamel is vitrified in electrical furnaces by maintaining the firing temperature between 780C and 920C depending on the enamel type.
Enamel thickness verification

  • The glass lined surface quality is checked visually and by measuring the thickness of the enamel coat.
Checking the continuity of the enamel coating

  • High voltage spark testing the vessel during the glassing process

  • Re-welding the jacket to the vessel and pressure test the item in accordance with the specific construction code requirements

  • Final painting the vessel and packing for delivery.